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Guinea Pig Vet Finder

New vets added: Fri Dec 6 13:35:19 2002
[CAUTION]Important legal disclaimer: This service is offered to the guinea pig community to assist them in locating veterinarians in their area who are experienced with the treatment of guinea pigs. This is not a list of "recommended" vets, and it should not be treated as such! Although each vet listed in this directory was added by the veterinarian, or at the request of a satisfied client of that vet, it is your responsibility to verify that the vet in question is still practicing, licensed and competent in the treatment of guinea pigs. There are absolutely no warranties, expressed or implied, with this information, and the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed. I accept no responsibility for any actions or events related to the use of this information. In short: use at your own risk.

For Vets in the United States or Canada

Enter a state or province name below, click the search button, and all vets listed for that state will be presented. States may be abbreviated with their two-letter postal code. For a listing of all vets in the Guinea Pig Vet Finder database, click on the list all vets button.

    State, province or abbreviation :

For Vets in foreign countries and US Territories

Select your country name from the list provided. If you country or territory is not listed, then no vets are present in that location.

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    To list all vets in the database

    Click on the "list all vets" button. Note that this may take some time to complete.

    To add a vet to the database

    Click on the "add vet" button. Your entry will be reviewed before being incorporated to prevent fake entries and inappropriate language from polluting the database. New entries are reviewed when time is available, which means that it may be a day or two before your entry is listed.

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